Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture Undergraduate Program has been continuing its education and training activities since 2011 with the mission of training leading qualified architects that can use building materials and technologies correctly, have competence in design skills, have cultural heritage sensitivity and architectural culture in order to create original buildings and environments within the framework of professional ethics and environmental sensitivity. Our program has been prepared from the very beginning in accordance with the Bologna Process criteria, which aim to create a unified European Union Higher Education Area. In this way, our graduates stand out among their stakeholders in both national and international competition. In this way, our students have the opportunity to experience different education programs and perspectives at the contracted universities abroad through Erasmus+ program during their undergraduate education. 

Our department started the national accreditation evaluation process by 2020, by including internal self-evaluation and strategy studies carried out with the Çankaya University and external assessments by the Higher Education Accreditation Board (YÖKAK) and the Architecture Accreditation Board (MİAK).

One of the most important approaches of our education program is that the skills and competencies that our graduate will acquire have a flexibility and variety that will enable them to use them at every stage of the building acquisition process.

Our graduates are graduated with theoretical and practical equipment that can carry out and manage not only the design processes but also the building application and repair processes. In this way, while some of our graduates carry out their master’s and doctorate studies, some of them have started their business life and started to serve our society and our country. Our graduates can practice self-employment by establishing their own architecture offices, they can work in the architect staff in important companies, they can work in various Ministries, state institutions and Municipalities, especially the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and they can work at construction sites. They have the opportunity to work not only at the national level but also at the international level.

While educating young people is the aim of the undergraduate programs, graduate programs are one of the most important tools for research and development activities that are the main tasks of the university. Postgraduate studies feed the research environments and support the educational and research activities being carried out. In our department, the Master’s Program with Thesis started in 2016 and the Doctorate program in 2017. In addition, in 2017, a new program was launched under the name of Construction Technologies Master Program, which will carry out its own academic research, conduct scientific studies and train new academic staff for interdisciplinary scientific studies, especially in the field of construction technologies. With this program, an agreement has been signed with Plymouth University’s Built Environment graduate program from England. Efforts are underway to continue this collaboration in postgraduate education at the undergraduate level.

Çankaya University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture aims to train architects who are respected at national and international level, adopting universal values and modern principles, and do not compromise on professional ethics. Thanks to its ability to improve itself in the face of changing and transforming time, technology and intercultural relations, the profession of architecture has always been the most needed profession. We invite all university candidates who are interested in the profession of architecture, to the privileged education of Çankaya University with its academic staff, each with academic competence in their fields. We look forward to meeting you in the new academic year.